Email me at alejandro@giacometti.me. You can follow me on twitter at @janrito, though I only ocassionally tweet. Instead, I often post photos in instagram at @alejandrogiacometti. You can also find me on github at @janrito.

I’m Alejandro Giacometti. I am the Head of ML at Beauhurst, we provide high-quality UK private company data for investment and research.

Previously, I worked at EDITED, they use ML to organise the world’s fashion retail data.

I was a New York Insight fellow in 2015. I spent three months learning how to apply skills from science and academia to problems in industry. During the programme, I worked on a small project for monitoring brand presence on twitter using topic modelling. You can find a description of that project in here.

I am also a Digital Humanist – I get to play with technology in order to make it useful for the humanities. I worked with some of the best people in the field in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, in the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities at University College London, and Huco at University of Alberta.

I have a PhD in Image Analysis from University College London. I was supervised by Melissa Terras from the Department of Information Studies and UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and Adam Gibson from the Department of Medical Physics. My dissertation dealt with the application of an imaging method – Multispectral Imaging – to the recovery of writing from damaged cultural heritage documents. You can find a more detailed description of my PhD work here.

I grew up in Ecuador, I studied in the US, Canada and the UK, lived for a short while in Romania, and currently live in London. I speak Spanish, English and a bit of Romanian.