I am a Digital Humanist1 – which for me means that I get to play with technology in order to make it useful for research in the humanities. I work at the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London.



I have a newly minted PhD in Image Analysis from University College London, where I worked with my supervisors Melissa Terras from the Department of Information Studies and UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and Adam Gibson from the Department of Medical Physics. My dissertation dealt with the application of an imaging method – Multispectral Imaging – to the recovery of writing from damaged cultural heritage documents. The title of my dissertation is: Evaluating Multispectral Imaging Processing Methodologies for Analysing Cultural Heritage Documents.

I also did an MA in Humanities Computing with Stan Ruecker at the University of Alberta. My research centred around a rich-prospect interface: the Texttiles Browser, an experiment in leveraging available metadata to visualise and browse medium-sized text collections. My thesis title is: The Texttiles browser: an experiment in rich-prospect browsing for text collections.

My research interests are imaging and digitisation of cultural heritage material, in particular the use of image processing and analysis to enhance recovery. I am also interested in design, visualisation and interfaces to explore humanities datasets.

I grew up in Ecuador, I went to university in the US and have lived in Canada, Romania and the UK. I have a degree in Computer Science2, one in Humanities Computing and another one in Medical Physics. The themes on this site might touch upon any of the variety of topics that I’m interested in.

You can follow me on @janrito on twitter or find me on @alejandrogiacometti on instagram and @janrito on github.

  1. Digital Humanities is an academic discipline which has had an extremely difficult time defining itself. In fact, every single digital humanities conference, event, workshop, colloquium, interview and informal discussion over coffee which I have attended has inevitably included a lengthy session on what Digital Humanities means.

    I am not interested in that discussion any more because; it prevents me from getting on to do more interesting stuff.

  2. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Saint Anselm College. Saint A’s is a beautiful liberal arts college in New England. It’s campus is featured on the media sometimes as the debates for the New Hampshire presidential primaries are often held there.